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GSC-GO Shipping Cargo

Operating as independent freight forwarders in Kenya, we provide reliable shipping solutions. We provide local and international import and export services. Cargo transportation does not have to be complicated or stressful. We make it quite easy through our safe logistics process. We have efficient systems in place to boost reliability and timely delivery.

At GSC-GO Shipping Cargo, we continually improve our systems and technology. Further, we constantly invest in resources and international networks to allow us provide the best domestic and international cargo services. Our experience in shipping enables us to understand the transportation needs of different industries. We then provide the best shipping logistic for your specific needs.

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Proven Independent Freight Forwarders in Kenya

Clearing and forwarding
We have a unique approach to providing freight forwarding solutions. Through our commitment to provide customized ...
Warehousing, packaging and storage
Every project we work on is checked for quality assurance to satisfy the needs of the modern society.
Transport management
Construction project management is essential. We're using the most time and iterations efficient life cycles methods for that.
In the effort to provide innovative shipping solutions, we have included e-commerce in our extensive list of services
Parcel Services
We do not just handle big shipments. Our parcel services are available for the movement of large and small parcels ...
Amazon shopping
We do not just handle big shipments. Our parcel services are available for the movement of large and small parcels across the country and internationally.
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Dynamic Logistic Service Providers in Kenya
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Reliable customer service is one of our core principles. We want to inspire confidence that we have the capability to meet all your shipping needs. Through a safe logistics process, we take great care of your goods and deliver them intact. For both domestic and international cargo services, we are keen to provide reasonable costs for our end users. Our services are affordable, factoring the mode of transportation and delivery timeline.
Shipping isn’t just about moving goods from one port to another. Neither is it finding the cheapest transportation rates. Reliable shipping involves safety, proper document handling, a good tracking system, and reliable freight management between multiple carriers.
For tailor-made shipping and cargo services, talk to us. We will serve you efficiently and cost effectively.

Authentic Freight Forwarding Solutions
The focus of our business is to make a difference in the lives of our clients.
Meticulous customer service
Our team is absolutely dedicated to successful construction project completion.