Ecommerce logistics, (Elogistics) is the process an ecommerce brand uses to get an order out the door and into the hands of the customer. After shoppers make an online purchase, the order is packed, shipped, delivered, and, in some cases, returned. Go Shipping Cargo has implemented many elements of this process such as the below:

Ecommerce order fulfilment

This refers to all the steps in the ecommerce logistics process that occur within a warehouse before shipping. These can include warehousing, storage, packing, and handing over the order for delivery. This also includes inventory management across other warehouses within the ecommerce supply chain.

This process is the part of the supply chain that has the greatest impact on the customer’s unboxing experience. During the fulfilment process, an ecommerce brand can dictate what packaging and packing materials get used, what free samples get included, and how the order will be delivered.

The fulfilment process allows a brand to connect with the customer through the online transaction and can impact how a customer perceives the brand.

Inventory management

Warehousing multiple items can get very messy without proper ecommerce inventory management. By efficiently tracking what merchandise is situated in which warehouse, employees can keep supply levels in check based on current and predicted demand. With proper inventory management, online orders can get shipped faster and online shoppers can avoid waiting for their items.

This function becomes especially important if an ecommerce brand sells items that are available in multiple sizes and colors. They will need to ensure that they have the right inventory management software and warehouse management software in place to find and track merchandise across their entire supply chain network.

Go Shipping Cargo Through its system and trained personnel ensures visibility to the e-commerce entity for proper operational planning.

Order packing and shipping

Order packing goes beyond just ensuring the right products are in the box. Once the order has been processed, a shipping mode will be selected. The order will then be gathered and packed by an employee who will apply the shipping label afterwards.

The packer preparing the box needs to know how to protect fragile items, which packing materials to use for specific items, and what free samples to include when required. If the package requires kitting, they’ll need to know which items go into the box together.

Given the ever changing e-commerce environment, Go Shipping Cargo is able to customize the experience based on diverse customer needs.

Ecommerce returns and reverse logistics 

With so many shoppers returning items they bought and expecting a speedy refund, the ecommerce returns process is becoming a very important part of the post-purchase experience

Go Shipping helps to ensure key aspects of this process are covered including safety and speed ensuring a satisfactory customer journey.