Your Choice of a Logistics partner can spell success or doom for your business

28th September , 2022

Kenya, considered to be East Africa’s strongest economy, is witnessing a rapidly growing global trade appetite from all levels of traders. It is safe to say that on a daily basis, we come across or use a few items that have had to depend on the global supply chain. Recently, as the Russia-Ukraine war continues to affect global supply chains, the price of unfinished commodities such as crude palm oil, used in the production of cooking oils and other consumables like margarine, shot up. This exposed the often unseen workings of the global supply chain system and how they affect our daily lives

Since Kenya is an important and strategic business hub, Kenyan products including horticultural exports have continued to grow in terms of international interest. This makes it possible for any Kenyan to export goods to any country globally. However, not all forays into the export world are successful, and the problem usually starts with the choice of logistics partner a trader makes.

A quick look into the most common problems traders face is the cost implications of being one hundred percent compliant with the requirements set by cross regional trade organizations as well as specific laws on importation that vary from one jurisdiction to the other. For instance, China recently set new regulations concerning the exportation of Hass Avocados from Kenya to China. The regulations, bilaterally set between Kenya and China and enforce through KEPHIS, require that a farmer has an inspected and approved pack house, proper screening and grading among others. Such terms are usually easier to meet for established large scale farmers with a high production capacity. This means that a vast majority of growers usually have to sell their produce to middlemen who then consolidate their cargo into an adequate volume for profitability. It goes without saying, that often, the farmer’s end up with far less than they would have gotten if they had been involved in the entire process.

Does it mean there’s no hope for the Kenyan exporter? Certainly not. It really boils down to the choice a farmer makes when choosing a logistics partner. For instance, GO Shipping Cargo, the leading regional logistics company, has been known to come up with innovative ways to ensure all parties involved in the supply chain from growing to consumption, are satisfied with the outcome of every cycle of the supply chain. GO Shipping Cargo offers a door-to-door service available to exporters that is considered a first in the region. Here is how it works:

Harvesting and Screening

KEPHIS and other regional bodies set certain conditions to be met by farmers intending to tap into the lucrative global horticulture industry. These include specifications on the processes needed for certification. This ensures that Kenya maintains a respectable global position in terms of market opinion, which can drive up both the quality and price to the benefit of the farmer.

At GO Shipping Cargo, we have the best screening personnel, ready to diligently screen your produce and in a timely fashion. The combination of their speed and efficiency is to a large extent the reason behind the many success stories of farmers and traders who have chosen GO Shipping Cargo as their shipping and logistics partner.

Cold Storage and Warehousing

GO Shipping Cargo has made substantial investments in the area of Cold Storage and Warehousing to allow for better product quality at the end of the logistics cycle. Storage is an important aspect of the logistical process as goods rarely move around the clock from the beginning to the end of the shipping cycle. For instance, goods may need to be stored for certain periods due to several factors like the Customs Clearance process, or simply before they need to be traded.

Having a partner with the ideal storage conditions ensures that the quality of your goods is preserved which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction rates for your business. Some industries, like the Pharmaceutical industry, often needs cold storage services as well. This can be for the storage of medication and other pharmaceutical products that need special storage conditions to preserve their integrity.

Cargo Consolidation

Cargo Consolidation is the process of combining 2 or more shipments into a single shipment. This can be to reduce on costs or shipping times as consolidation allows you to have a cheaper rate compared to having separate shipments. With GO Shipping Cargo as your partner, you can expect expert advice on and the dispensation of, high standard Cargo Consolidation. With a fool-proof batching system, you can rest assured that your shipment will always be safe and trackable.

Our weekly schedule also means that you can import or export your goods in a reliable manner, ensuring you don’t have to delay shipments because of capacity concerns. Our assurance to you makes it possible for you to have a process that’s predictable, and one you can rely on.

All documentation including customs clearance

Proper documentation is key when it comes to a stress free shipping experience. Having proper documentation ensures that the shipping period is more predictable than in a scenario where there’s no proper documentation. Delays in the shipping process are often a consequence of poor documentation, which leads to more time spent in processes like clearance. GO Shipping Cargo has an able team of professionals who will inform and advice in a timely manner to prevent any challenges arising from poor documentation.

GO Shipping Cargo also offers a concierge like shipping service, where the entire supply chain process is handled by the respective teams, ensuring you, the client, don’t get their hands dirty. This allows you to focus on your core business services while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Best air and sea freight rates

With a wealth of experience that spans over a decade, GO Shipping Cargo provides the most competitive shipping rates, which is made possible by the strong relationships with the leading airlines and shipping lines. This means that

our customers enjoy the best shipping rates, marine and airline insurance options and the most proficient and disciplined ground teams in any destination globally.

We constantly improve the efficiency of our processes, which in turn translates to the provision of a stellar service while reducing our cost footprint. This is through the application of the right technologies and internal policies aimed at ensuring our services evolve with the world around us.

Last mile delivery

Our last mile delivery service is built with our clients in mind. Global shipping brings with it several challenges like loss of goods and payment disputes, all of which are avoidable if the last mile of the delivery is done right. GO Shipping Cargo believes in the safe practice of physically ensuring the goods are received and inspected at the destination, to help prevent such cases of loss of goods or payment disputes.

GO Shipping Cargo works with international bodies and organizations like KIFWA and FIATA, as well as several Chambers of Commerce globally to provide all needed assistance at any stage during the last mile delivery process.

With more than adequate measures in place, shipping your goods and produce to global markets should be a seamless, stress-free process if you choose the right logistics partner from the word go. Make GO Shipping Cargo the solution for your supply chain and let your global business thrive.