Fast and Professional Air Shipping services Worldwide

Air freight is the best option when transporting high-value and premium goods, hazardous material, perishables or any goods in a short period. The air freight service has an advantage as they work on an exact schedule with on-time arrival and departure times.

It is not a matter for us -the location, size, destination or type of your goods- we have the solution to match any supply chain requirements. We have a professional and dedicated team of advanced trained air freight specialists to provide an experience that has never been felt before to our valuable clients. Our team is aware of local regulations across the nation and can handle any customs-related needs in any continent. Moreover, our association with reputed global airline companies and carriers makes it easy for us to deliver your cargo safely and on time. We offer air freight services across major cities and leading business centers.

If you are planning to ship goods that are high in value or want to deliver within a short period, then it is best to choose the air freight solution that offers customers friendly freight services. Our dedicated customer representative will work with you to manage the air freight without interception in air freight movements.

Land Shipping Services

For consignments that cannot otherwise be shipped via air or sea, Land Freight is an ideal option. This can be for last mile delivery, our door-to-door service, as well as for goods in transit across borders where air and sea freight are not well established

For door-to-door distribution services, land freight is the ideal option for you. The benefit of land freight services is that goods will be delivered even to the most remote destinations without interruption. Our land freight services consist of integrated road and railway networks. We offer Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (TLT) services tailored to your specific requirements.

We have a team of experts handling the land freight transport system and offer flexible and innovative solutions to integrate road and rail freight services. With our technology-enabled global network, we will monitor your transportation of goods throughout the road journey and confirm they pass on the most optimum route.

With value-added services like air suspension vehicles, real-time monitoring, and temperature-controlled trucks, we provide hassle-free regional, domestic and international land freight services and ensure your goods are delivered safely and on time. We are continuously investing in fleet management systems, IT platforms, and other core infrastructure systems to strengthen the handling of the large volume of goods that may pass on road and rail networks. Our priority is to give the customer a better experience to build a long-term relationship with them.

Sea Freight services

GO Shipping Cargo offers the best Sea Freight services in partnership with the world’s leading sea and ocean liners. This helps us guarantee a safe voyage for your goods to and from any destination around the world. We constantly ensure that all our Sea Freight partnering liners are compliant round the clock in terms of safety of operations, cargo handling and regional/global regulatory compliance. Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is very cost-effective for transporting large volumes of goods. It is the best solution for transporting hazardous goods. Compared to other freight services, it is the most carbon-efficient freight solution. Moreover, sea freight contributes immensely to the global economy.

Our global office network and well-trained professionals in sea freight services provide the solutions to meet your specific business requirements. With customized shipping solutions and expertise, our specialists in global sea freight service deliver your goods safely, securely and on time. It does not matter to us- the size and type of your business- we have state-of-the-art technology and deliver as promised.

Located in key business hubs and trading centres, we are anywhere to help you to meet your supply chain requirements. We offer conventional cargo transportation, Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipment services. We will advise you on pricing, choosing the best ocean carrier, pick up and final delivery. Our team is aware of local regulations, customs-related laws and regulations so that your goods travel safely. .

With our innovative technology, you can track the progress of your consignment’s movement accurately, guaranteeing you the peace of mind you need to ensure your processes run unencumbered.

The Sea Freight operations are often unpredictable. We mitigate against this by undertaking various steps to ensure that your goods are safe at all times. Our clients are always kept up to date during the shipping period, in addition to offering expert advisory services whenever an issue arises. This helps prevent our client’s from experiencing any type of loss caused by any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Warehousing services

If you are running a business of sensitive products, there arises a need for warehouse management services. The warehouse is essential for pharma, healthcare, or high-tech industries.

We offer warehouse services to several reputable clients from various parts of the world. If your business requires warehousing services for your products, we provide a flexible and responsive warehousing system. We associate with you to analyze and understand your business model to design warehousing requirements. We have a network of local and regional warehouses to offer warehouse management solutions across the globe.

 To get hassle-free service all the time, we have a technology-integrated system and a trained workforce. Our dedicated team is well versed with the customs of each location and guides customers on tax or duty benefits. We offer a shared routes system to reduce transportation expenses. The savings are passed directly to the clients and build trust in us. With years of experience in the logistics sector, we are dedicated to providing premium-class warehouse and distribution services tailored to your business requirements and giving you optimum results.

Cargo Consolidation

We believe in the ideals of cost effectiveness, which call for better planning and minimal wasted space. Cargo consolidation allows you to save on costs accrued when sending shipments due to space wastage as well as moving different types of goods with inadequate volume to fill available storage during shipping. Cargo consolidation is excellent for entities that collaborate on the import or export of goods. Our experts have a wealth of experience in Cargo Consolidation and are always ready to advice on what best applies to every unique scenario.

With our innovative technology, our clients are assured of proper tracking of all goods in the consignment which prevents the loss or damage of goods. All consolidated shipments are well managed and dispatched at the destination with minimal hassles.

Our Cargo Consolidation solutions work well with all other services required during the shipping process including customs clearance, warehousing and last mile delivery.

Cargo Concierge

Our Cargo Concierge service sees the use of our expertise in handling the A to Z of any consignment with you, the client, enjoying enough peace of mind to allow you to cater to your day to day tasks as we take care of your shipment. This involves the sourcing of materials and goods, packaging, screening, and several other processes that need to take place at different stages before and during the shipping process.

GO Shipping Cargo has over the years been the foundation for many success stories for entities and individuals who have chosen to let us, the experts, take care of their entire shipping processes. The industries that benefit most from this service are; the Agro-logistics Industry, Dangerous Goods, Manufacturing, Charity & Aid groups among many others. Consider using GO Shipping Cargo’s Cargo concierge service if you are relatively new to the world of global logistics, or are performing a one=off shipment that requires a high levels of regulatory compliance, shipments to countries without well-established clearance structures as well as for goods that would otherwise attract high levels of scrutiny in any region

Clearing & Forwarding

Clearing & Forwarding is a critical part of regional and global logistics undertakings. Shipments often times need to be cleared at the country of origin and upon entry into the destination country. Sometimes this happens at both stages. GO Shipping Cargo has a global presence that allows the clearing and forwarding of cargo in any region where our clients need the service.

With strict adherence to regulatory requirements, we ensure that goods do not get stuck in the clearing process by planning ahead and providing all the information our clients need at every stage. Our team is experienced in the clearance of all types of goods and in a timely fashion, which helps us deliver on our mandate of a speedy shipping process. We assist our clients in the acquisition of crucial documentation like a certificate of origin where applicable for instance, that are required in the clearing process. We also offer a shipping concierge service that sees us take the often times hard burden of clearance from our clients to guarantee a stress free shipping experience. Our team of experts are always ready to offer these solutions in situations where our clients lack important documentation needed to export or import certain classified goods

Door to Door Shipping

With a global team of experts ready to serve you, you can entrust the last mile delivery of your package to GO Shipping Cargo. We offer bespoke door-to-door shipping services aimed at taking the heavy burden of monitoring ground logistics in the destination country for you. This in turn helps our clients serve their customers and partners better by guaranteeing safe and timely delivery of goods.

This service is suitable for all types of shipments where ground logistics are difficult to monitor especially when cargo has to be transferred to another local company in the destination country that creates a responsibility gap during the transition period.

With our door-to-door service, goods are only handled by authorized personnel at every stage to ensure safety and to preserve goods in excellent conditions.

Cargo Handling

Our cargo handling division is always ready to provide value-added services for any consignment where they are needed. Our cargo handling services include:

Screening & Handling
GO Shipping Cargo offers the best in-house cargo screening and handling for various product. As a service, our screening and handling is meant to offer a more comprehensive service for people looking to ship various types of cargo like fresh produce, manufactured goods, pharmaceuticals as well as other commodities.

Product Package Design
We have the expertise and experience in setting up brands for specific items especially in the export sphere. GO Shipping Cargo is the ideal partner for any entity looking to procure and repackage goods for sale in markets that are outside the country of origin. This service is ideal for anyone involved in the procurement of or manufacture of goods for export markets.

Proper product packaging can ensure a longer shelf-life for perishables as well as improve the longevity of any product. GO Shipping Cargo’s packaging solutions involve working with the best pack houses and procuring the best type of packaging materials for any type of goods. Our packaging teams are well trained to ensure they handle and package goods while adhering to set standards and best practices.

Sorting & Grading
Some goods require proper sorting and grading before they are deemed to be ready for the export market. Ensuring all products in a consignment complies with the set standards either by a regional or governmental body can be an arduous task. At GO Shipping Cargo, our sorting and grading experts are always adept with the latest requirements for an exhaustive list of classified commodities. As a customer, you can enjoy your peace of mind as our team of specialists does all the heavy lifting for you.

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