Your Choice of a Logistics partner can spell success or doom for your business

20th October , 2022

Kenya, considered to be East Africa’s strongest economy, is witnessing a rapidly growing global trade appetite from all levels of traders. It is safe to say that on a daily basis, we come across or use a few items that have had to depend on the global supply chain. Recently, as the Russia-Ukraine war continues to affect global supply chains, the price of unfinished commodities such as crude palm oil, used in the production of cooking oils and other consumables like margarine, shot up. This exposed the often unseen workings of the global supply chain system and how they affect our daily lives

Since Kenya is an important and strategic business hub, Kenyan products including horticultural exports have continued to grow in terms of international interest. This makes it possible for any Kenyan to export goods to any country globally. However, not all forays into the export world are successful, and the problem usually starts with the choice of logistics partner a trader makes.

A quick look into the most common problems traders face is the cost implications of being one hundred percent compliant with the requirements set by cross regional trade organizations as well as specific laws on importation that vary from one jurisdiction to the other. For instance, China recently set new regulations concerning the exportation of Hass Avocados from Kenya to China. The regulations, bilaterally set between Kenya and China and enforce through KEPHIS, require that a farmer has an inspected and approved pack house, proper screening and grading among others. Such terms are usually easier to meet for established large scale farmers with a high production

Cargo Consolidation

Cargo Consolidation is the process of combining 2 or more shipments into a single shipment. This can be to reduce on costs or shipping times as consolidation allows you to have a cheaper rate compared to having separate shipments. With GO Shipping Cargo as your partner, you can expect expert advice on and the dispensation of, high standard Cargo Consolidation. With a fool-proof batching system, you can rest assured that your shipment will always be safe and trackable.

Our weekly schedule also means that you can import or export your goods in a reliable manner, ensuring you don’t have to delay shipments