Local and International Courier

Go Shipping Cargo Local and International Courier

Courier service is generally a premium, standardized all-inclusive service which collects and delivers shipments in the shortest possible time frame.

Using our extensive network across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we have formulated an efficient process to ensure courier items are handled in the most efficient and accelerated manner. 

Our offices and agents ensure that we have transit times much better than the industry standard while still maintaining favourable rates.

Advantages of Courier Service


Tracking is a great advantage of using a courier service. This means that you can track your packages from the moment they are picked up until they are delivered to your destination’s doorstep. An accurate tracking system is essential for a courier service. By tracking parcels and providing updates to customers, it can ensure that items are delivered on time and to the correct address. It can also help to identify any delays in the delivery process so that the courier service can take steps to rectify the situation.

The Go Shipping tracking system relies on the unique waybill number to track each parcel so that it can be easily tracked throughout the delivery process. The tracking system is updated regularly so that you can always check on the status of your parcel and receive notifications at each stage of the shipping process. This can give you peace of mind and help you avoid any delays or problems.

Prompt Delivery

When you need to send a package, you want it to arrive as quickly as possible. That’s where a courier service can be a great advantage. With a courier service, you can send your package faster than if you were to use a regular mail service/ freight.

A courier service can get your package to its destination in a matter of hours and using our extensive network, urgent items are sure to be delivered as expected.


Reliability is one of the great advantages of using a courier service. A courier service can provide you with a reliable way to get your packages and documents delivered on time and in the same condition that they were sent. When you use a courier service, you can be sure that your package will be delivered to the correct address and on the date that you specified. You can also be sure that your package will be handled with care and that it will be delivered to the right person.


A courier service can be a great way to save money on shipping costs. When shipping smaller items such as samples, charges start from as low as 0.5kg ensuring you get real value for money. Go Shipping Cargo can also save you money by offering competitive rates and discounts for shipping multiple packages.


Courier services offer a variety of shipping options to choose from depending on what best suits your needs. There are many factors to consider when it comes to shipping something whether it is time-sensitive or not, how big or small the item is, and how much it weighs. Courier services will have different options and prices for shipping so it is important to compare and find the best option for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Using a courier service can be a great way to boost customer satisfaction. Courier services can help you save time and money by providing a fast and efficient way to get your products and services to your customers. With a courier service, you can have your products delivered to your customers in a timely manner, which can help you improve your customer service and satisfaction levels.


There are many businesses that use drivers to deliver packages either locally or across town. By using a reliable courier service, these businesses only have to pay for the services that they actually receive. This is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to manage package delivery than having to pay full-time employees a competitive salary. Additionally, using a courier service means that businesses do not have to pay for additional benefits for their employees.

It will cost money to buy a reliable vehicle/motorcycle, fill it with petrol, and have regular repairs made if you plan to deliver products, commodities, and documents personally. We all know how pricey this can become. You can avoid having to worry about paying for these things by outsourcing your deliveries to a courier service, which will ultimately save you a ton of money.